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Robot Simon Says: Keep Moving!

Robot Simon

Learning English sitting at the desk might be prosy and boring. Let's try to change the rules and start moving. As you might know from the first part, motions and actions will vary, so stay alert and be prepared for surprises.

You will have to reach for the sky, sing a song, stamp your feet, and of course, smile and have lots of fun.

Just to remind you of the rules: listen to the commands carefully, but follow them only if you hear the random appendix (Simon says) or you will get dismissed. The winner is the one who fulfilled all commands correctly and did not move without hearing the appendix.

To rearrange commands reload the page. Note that the order of phrases will not shift, but Simon will change his mind.

If you feel confident with the game, delegate the duty of the lead to one of the players. Use this list of commands as a clue and don't be afraid to improvise!

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