Learning English Can Be Fun and Motion

Robot Simon

Do you feel like moving? Simon will teach you English action verbs and parts of the body in motion. This fun game develops attentiveness and helps to widen your (or your students') vocabulary. Play at home or in the classroom. Usually this game takes 3 participants but with our Simon the robot you can play one-on-one.

Are you fed up with dull parties? Try this game to entertain your guests! Benefits can be triple: warm-up for the whole body, exercise for the brain, recreation and rest for your eyes. People of all ages can play, everybody will have fun!

Rules are pretty simple: listen to the directions attentively but do not follow them unless you hear the random inset Simon says before the command, or you'll get dismissed from the game and lose. The winner is the one who fulfilled all commands properly and did not move without hearing the Simon says.

To shuffle commands, reload the page. Note that the sequence of phrases will not switch, but Simon will change his mind.

If you've got familiar with the game, try to assign the role of the lead to one of the players. Use this list as a hint and feel free to improvise!
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