The Magic Power of Words

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The magic power of words

Have you ever thought about words of our language as a means of perceiving and shaping reality? Could they be a mirror of your emotions or a self-concept?

Yes, words don’t just serve to express an opinion or an idea — their function is much broader than simple communication. They reflect our inner identity and have a substantial influence on our well-being today and in the distant future. Besides conveying the information, they create our understanding of the world and shape our thoughts, influence our beliefs, and determine our actions.

Furthermore, the way we use language can impact how we perceive the reality. Different nations possess unique vocabularies and ways of expressing concepts. Philosophers, linguists, and cognitive scientists have explored the intricate relationship between language and self-concept, highlighting the role of words in shaping our understanding of the world. Isn't that magic?

However, negative and senseless words and phrases may undermine our self-sufficiency. Our confidence is partly based on how we see ourselves (and could describe verbally) and partly from how we assume others perceive us. It might sound weird at first glance, but by broadening our vocabulary, enriching it with positive words and expressions, we can become more independent, self-consistent, and successful individuals.

Enrich your vocabulary with meaningful, affirmative, motivating words and go ahead to your goal, but never forget that the power of word may create or destroy, it can uplift or ruin one's life. Its Majesty the Word, as an expression of thought turning into action, can solve seemingly unsolvable problems — humanitarian, political, ecological, or of any other sort. In light of this, let us try to keep away from the words of anger and abuse as they take us to conflicts and war, and stick with the words of kindness and compassion.

And Just Before You Go...

To make your life more fortunate and happy take into account these words of affirmation and motivation:

And as a special treat, here is one of my favorite quotations of Walt Disney: If you can dream it, you can do it.

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