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Names of the Countries and Their Capitals with Audio Pronunciation

Whether you are a politician, a passionate traveler, or just a map freak, you may want to know the pronunciation of counties names and their capitals. The UN recognizes 195 independent states while only 193 of them are members of the organization. But what is the overall number of countries in the world? The exact number may vary, depending on the evaluation methodology and in fact, there are much more nations on our planet. Some of them are not fully recognized by other countries, while some others are self-governing overseas territories (dependencies) of the big well-known countries.

We know from history that countries may be born and die, kingdoms, realms, and empires rise and fall, borders move and change. Their names may be changed over time as well.

But we are not going to talk about political status, forms of government, or geographical location of countries. Our goal here is to get familiarized with the names of countries and their English pronunciation. Names of the capitals are present as well. And as mentioned above this list may not represent all countries of the world.

Here you can also sort countries and capitals alphabetically or check your knowledge: hide countries or capitals and make an attempt to recall their names. Hide both and try to spell them by listening to the audio pronunciation.

Note: do not use the Table Sorting along with the Continuous Play feature as this may cause unpredictable behavior! To avoid this reset table sorting (this will reload the page).

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