List of English Antonyms From A to Z

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Antonyms are words with the opposite meaning. The term antonym derives from Greek, where the word (actually prefix) αντι(anti) means contrary, opposite, or against.

If you want to enrich your vocabulary, antonyms will come in pretty handy, because the human brain, however contradictory it may sound, likes contradictions. Moreover, antonyms are of much more use to the language, than synonyms. Indeed, synonyms enrich and decorate your speech, but we still can get along without them.

Antonyms, on the contrary, are much more specific, straightforward..., and inevitable. Besides, there are myriads of synonyms in English, while the number of antonyms is much fewer. That's because the vast majority of English words have synonyms, but there are a lot of words without antonyms. Consider, for example, words like party (festivity, celebration, gathering), table (desk, surface), or language (tongue, speech, dialect). We easily found several synonyms for each of them, while antonyms are missing.

Our list is far from complete, yet it outlines the most in-demand English antonyms.

The table below contains about 300 pairs of words — and yes, it is sortable.

English Antonyms

Keyword Antonym

accept reject

active passive

advance retreat

affirm deny

aggravate mitigate

agree disagree, differ

allow forbid

ancient modern

arrive depart

assemble disperse, disassemble

attractive repulsive

backward forward, onward

bad good

barren fertile

beautiful ugly

begin end

beginning ending

below above

bend straighten

bent straight

best worst

better worse

big small, little

bitter sweet

blame praise

bless curse

blunt sharp

bold timid, meek

borrow lend

bravery cowardice

bright dull

broad narrow

build destroy, demolish

calm troubled

capable incapable

captivity freedom, liberty

careful rush, careless

cellar attic

cheap expensive

hated dear

cheerful gloomy

civilized savage

clean dirty

clear vague, cloudy

clever stupid

clever stupid

clockwise anti-clockwise

close distant

cold hot

combine separate

come go

comfort discomfort

common rare

conceal reveal

conceal reveal

confident diffident

convex concave

correct incorrect

courage cowardice

courteous discourteous, rude

create destroy

cruel kind

cunning simple

dainty clumsy

danger safety

dark light

decrease increase

deep shallow

deficient proficient

definite indefinite

demand supply

dense rare

despair hope

difficult easy

disappear appear

discharge convict

discourage encourage

disease health

dismal cheerful

doctor patient

domestic wild

dry wet

dull clear, bright

dusk dawn

early late

early late

east west

easy difficult

ebb flow

economical extravagant

economize waste

employer employee

empty full

encourage discourage

end beginning

enrich impoverish

enthrone dethrone

entrance exit

excited calm

expand contract

expensive inexpensive, cheap

explicit implicit

export import

expose conceal

exterior interior

external internal

fail succeed

faithful treacherous

false true

famous unknown

far near

fast slow

fat thin

fat thin

feeble sturdy, strong, powerful

few many

find lose

first last

fold unfold

foolish wise

forelegs hindlegs

forget remember

fortunate unfortunate

found lost

frank secretive

freedom captivity

frequent seldom

fresh stale

friend enemy

friendly hostile

full empty

full empty

gather distribute

gather scatter

general particular

generous mean

gentle rough

giant dwarf, pygmy

glad sorry

gloomy cheerful

go come

granted refused

grave cheerful

great minute, small, little

great small

guardian ward

guest host

guilty innocent

guilty innocent

happy sad, miserable

hard soft

hard soft

harmful harmless

hasten dawdle

hate love

healthy unhealthy, ill, diseased

heavy light

height depth

help hinder

here there

hero coward

hide seek

hill valley

hinder aid, help

honest dishonest

horizontal vertical

hot cold

humble proud

hunger thirst

hurt heal

imitation genuine

immense tiny,minute

important trivial

imprison free

include exclude

include exclude

increase decrease

inferior superior

inhabited uninhabited

inhale exhale

insert extract

inside outside

intentional accidental

intentional accidental

interesting uninteresting, dull

interior exterior, outside

internal external

invest divest

join separate

junior senior

justice injustice

king subject

knowledge ignorance

land sea

landlord tenant

large little, small

last first

laugh cry

laugh weep

lawful unlawful

lawyer client

lazy industrious, energetic

lead follow

leader follower

lecturer student

left right

lend borrow

lender borrower

lengthen shorten

less more

light dark, heavy

like dislike, unlike

likely unlikely

little large, much, big

lofty lowly

long short

loss find, win

loud soft

loud soft

low high

loyal disloyal

mad sane

magnetize demagnetize

masculine feminine

master servant, slave

material spiritual

mature immature

maximum minimum

me you

mental physical

merry mirthless, sad

minority majority

miser spendthrift

misunderstand understand

narrow wide

natural artificial

near far, distant

odd even

offensive defensive

offer refuse

omit insert

open shut

progressive retrograde

public private

rash deliberate

recognize ignore

religious secular

remember forget

resist submit

rise fall, set

rough smooth

round flat

simple artful

singular plural

sink swim

sleep wake

slow prompt

smile frown

sober drunk

solid liquid

solid hollow

sorrow joy

sour sweet

sow reap

speaker listener

stand lie

stern mild

straight crooked

straight crooked

strict lenient

strong weak

sublime ridiculous

success failure

sunny cloudy

superior inferior

take give

tall short

tame wild

teach learn

teacher pupil

temporal spiritual

temporary permanent

thick thin

transparent opaque

uniform varied

vertical horizontal

vigorous feeble

voluntary compulsory

vulgar refined

warm cool

wax wane

wide narrow

wild tame

wise foolish

zenith nadir

zoom in zoom out