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This is an estimated number of words you know. It may somewhat vary according to the mother tongue of the tested person (assuming it's not English). It also depends on several external factors, such as life experience, professional and educational background.

We've tried hard to avoid the so-called international words in the test-list, but the languages of the world are numerous, and modern English is a wonderful mixture of words derived or borrowed from different languages.

So this result provides a number that allows you to compare your vocabulary with your colleagues', friends', or classmates' ones. You can also set up a contest with your peers. It will be fun and certainly good for your English.

EFL/ESL teachers can use this quiz as an entrance test for their students.

You should understand that words alone do not make a language, it takes much more than that. To be able to use a language, you need grammar, which is a processor that manages your vocabulary. Besides, you have to practice as much as you can, which means listen, speak, read, and write.

Enrich your vocabulary and repeat the quiz. But please do not try to memorize the words from our list as this will lead you to a false output.

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