Dialogue on Office Routines

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This dialogue familiarizes EFL beginners with essential office work concepts and routines. The conversation takes place between coworkers Laura and Alex. The two colleagues discuss their daily work routines and upcoming tasks while addressing workplace responsibilities.

Alex:: Good morning,
Laura:. How are you today?
Laura:: Good morning,
Alex:. I'm great, thank you. How about you?
Alex:: I'm fine, thank you. So, what do you have planned for today?
Laura:: I need to finish writing a report for our boss, Mr. Smith. What about you?
Alex:: I have to organize some files and prepare for a meeting in the afternoon. Can you help me with the files?
Laura:: Sure, I'm happy to assist you. Where are the files?
Alex:: They are in the drawer of the big cabinet. Please bring them to my desk.
Laura:: Okay, I'll grab them for you. Anything else you need me to do?
Alex:: Yes, can you also print the documents for the meeting? They are on my computer.
Laura:: Of course, I'll print them right away. By the way,
Alex:, do you know if Jane has arrived yet?
Alex:: Yes, she's already here. She's in her office. Do you need something from her?
Laura:: Yes, I need to ask her some questions about the report. I'll go meet her after I finish printing.
Alex:: Sounds good. Let's catch up later after lunch.
Laura:: Sure, see you then!
Alex:: Have a productive day, Laura!
Laura:: Thank you, you too!