Hangman — The Word Game

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This game is suitable for both EFL/ESL students and native speakers. However, its primary focus is on language learning and vocabulary recall. EFL/ESL students can benefit from the opportunity to learn new words and reinforce their knowledge of familiar ones.

The game can also serve as a spelling exercise for native speakers. They can test their spelling competence while attempting to guess the given words. Additionally, the native speakers may have some element of luck when recalling less frequently used words.

Overall, this game caters to the language learning needs of EFL/ESL students, while providing a platform for native speakers to test their spelling abilities and language recall.

Rules of the game are pretty simple: your “survival” depends on your knowledge of English. Guess the word, spell it correctly, and get saved. Is motivation enough?

Hey, don't be afraid, it's just a game!

Note: This game was designed to use the lowercase letters only. It does not support or recognize uppercase letters. All input and output fields will only accept and display lowercase characters. Therefore, please use only the lowercase letters on your keyboard.

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